The Light Phone aims to serve as portal to the past with modern technology by providing a seamless extension of our phone in the form of a credit card sized phone.

Mobile technology has interwoven itself into our lives in such an intricate manner that one can say for sure that almost carries a smartphone that costs more than any other of their personal possession and vehemently refuses to fit into their pockets. The world underwent a paradigm shift with the groundbreaking advancements made in the field of mobile technology. Our phone seems to contain everything we can access in the form of little boxes that never fail to cause a ding in the middle of a conversation.

Mobile phone overuse syndrome is now a problem plaguing people in various parts of the world. The want to always stay updated has reached the extent that it compels people to use their phone in physically inappropriate situations such while driving an automobile.

What is it really?

Imagine a phone that can fit into your wallet and can carry as you go out for a run without worrying about dropping it and breaking it. (Little tip: This doesn’t mean you throw it on a concrete floor to check its resilience.) Imagine a phone that you can take along with you as you go out without worrying about a ding coming in the middle of whatever it is that you’re doing.

Light Phone is here to bridge the gap between that imagination and reality. Its main purpose is to encourage people to “go light’ while being available to their loved ones. It allows one to disconnect and give oneself a chance to truly spend time with their loved ones without any distraction.


The stripped off features of the Light Phone conform with the ethos of going light.

It is a stand alone 2G GSM that works independent of one’s current mobile plan but the software of the Light Phone app allows one to use their original phone number. The Light Phone comes with a SIM card and a Light Micro USB Cable. By using the “Go Light” app one can begin routing calls to their Light Phone even if their phone is switched off. The app even allows one to set limits on whose call can go through call forwarding.

Light Phone Family claims to start rolling out batches of phones to fulfil orders by the first week of December while the Night Colourway Light Phone will hopefully be available by the second week of January. Good news is that it is already open to international pre-orders at the price of a hundred dollar. However, for now, SIM’s won’t be provided outside the US for now.

It’s a simple phone which allows one to only make or receive calls. We can state innumerable reasons for why phones are great but I suppose their high sales rate speak for themselves. Nevertheless, the Light Phone seems to be an effort to go back to our roots where we spend less time living our life through a screen.