Oh, don’t we all remember the Hello Moto ringtone which echoed in our ears all too frequently when the Google-owned Motorola basked in all its glory?

It seems as though the parent company of the present Moto has decided to preserve its heritage now. The first television advertisement of Moto since 2011 can truly be considered the smartest marketing move made in recent history. By bringing back the ‘Hello Moto’ campaign Lenovo has played nostalgia card right. New devices being launched under the Moto name will run a brand new boot animation with the traditional ‘Hello Moto’ signature phrase at the beginning only to be followed by a series of colourful images and of course, the Lenovo logo at the end.

It doesn’t end here. With the signature phrase, they’ve even brought back the batwing logo which looks as good as ever.


The Latest Commercial

Coming to first television commercial of Moto since 2011, they seem to have taken a dig at the slow advancements taking place in the sphere of mobile phones in a not so subtle manner to further their ‘Different is better’ campaign.

This new colourful work from Ogilvy and Mather reviews the fact that no change of unprecedented dimensions has taken place with regards to mobile phone in a playful manner. “During a time where our competitors have only been introducing incremental changes to the mobile industry, the Moto Z family and Moto Mods are the first real change the industry has seen in years,” Jan Huckfeldt, Motorola’s CMO, said in a statement.

Having left no room for subtlety, Moto has tried to grasp the attention of people and shed light on the true meaning of mobile innovation thus letting them know that they have other options. With multinational phone making companies struggling to make a mark with their recent launches, maybe this is this the right time for Moto to sweep into the competition with the Moto Z.