This image shows a soon to be rare sight of Whatsapp open on a Blackberry. (Photo Illustration by Adam Gerry)

       A soon to be rare sight of Whatsapp running on BlackBerry. (Photo Illustration by Adam Gerry)

Oh, don’t we all remember when early in this year Whatsapp decided to end its support for platforms on the verge of being outdated, namely, iPhone 3GS, Windows Phone 7 devices, and phones running Android 2.1 or Android 2.2 and surprisingly BlackBerry OS 10 services too. In addition to the Facebook-owned company, Facebook itself also decided to end its services for BlackBerry platforms by the end of 2016 which led to the trending of the hashtag #IloveBB10Apps to gather the support of BlackBerry’s user base in BlackBerry’s attempt to change the company’s mind.

They might not have succeeded entirely, but they were able to secure extended support till next year. Well, it’s good news for the ones who are lovers of the BlackBerry. They won’t have to compromise social life for security, battery life and business handiness.  However, this period of extended convenience is pretty short-lived because from 30th of June of 2017 Whatsapp will withdraw its support for once and for all.

Will Whatsapp benefit from this decision?

BlackBerry is favoured for its usability and its security. According to a survey, BlackBerry has the best cell phone security systems, but the problem comes into play when it comes to supporting various mobile phone applications. As the OS is so hard up, it doesn’t support many of the recent modern applications. Also, BlackBerry has a very long battery life which comes in handy if you are a traveller or an MNC representative. Compared user reviews say that their BB battery life lasted for nearly 36 hours whereas the Apple lasts approximately 15. What makes them truly stand out is their ability to easily sync with any music management software including iTunes, unlike Android handsets. BlackBerry also has one of the most favoured inbuilt features that most of the cellulars don’t support, that is, screen sharing.

Facebook had announced that WhatsApp will discontinue its services in BlackBerry and Symbion OS devices after December 2016 due to their “non-popularity in the market” and also because these devices “don’t have the capabilities we need to expand WhatApp’s features in the future” but what they seem to blatantly ignore that BlackBerry has an indispensable user base constituted of the lovers of physical keys. Thus, one really can’t be too sure about this decision of Whatsapp working in its favour.

However, since the discontinuation of Whatsapp services is inevitable, Blackberry is actively working on providing alternatives to its users with unwavering dedication.