What used to seem like an insight into the far future has now been pulled into the present as Elon Musk’s new start up, Neuralink Corp, focuses on bringing human beings at par with artificial intelligence with the help of groundbreaking neural lace technology.  The dramatic progress of artificial intelligence has raised various concerns about the position of humans in the social hierarchy of a society driven by technology.

The threats with artificial intelligence brings with itself are being addressed with an attempt to make it a part of the core of humanity. The initial aim of Neuralink is to be used in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. This shall pave the path for humans to be able to upload and download their thoughts in real time along with accessing digital information without a physical interface.

How can neural lace technology prevent the human race being rendered useless in the long run?

If everything goes as planned, a third digital layer between the cortex and the limbic system shall act as a digital interface between the human brain and certain devices. It shall facilitate communication between human beings and physical electronic devices solely based on the power of thought. As a result a symbiotic relationship will be formed between human beings and artificial intelligence encouraging higher cognitive function.

Thus, by applying the concept of become what you fear, a society in which artificial intelligence reigns and humans become house cats can be kept at bay with the help of these implantable electrodes intertwining humans and computers. Even though a neural lace which functions in the specified manner is far from being developed, this seem to be first step in the narrowing of the gap between the data processing capabilities of a human being and a computer.